Playmobil 70625 Dino Rise Spinosaurus Double Defence

Playmobil 70625 Dino Rise Spinosaurus Double Defence


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  • PLAYMOBIL Spinosaurus: Double Defence Power with 1 dino and Ayla and Samu figures from Team Dino Rise
  • FEED YOUR CHILD'S IMAGINATION: Continue the Dino Rise story with this spinosaurus playset. This toy will boost your child's imagination and create endless opportunities for imaginative play
  • EQUIPPED WITH FIRING CANNONS: This spinosaurus playset comes with cannons that really fire, keeping your child engaged and bringing the action and adventure of the Dino Rise story to life
  • INCLUDES SPINOSAURUS AND TWO FIGURES: This Playmobil playset includes a large spinosaurus figure and two human figures, Samu and Ayla, both of whom can ride on the spinosaurus. This set can be combined with other Playmobil dinosaurs and figures to create larger stories
  • Contents: 1x Playmobil Dino Rise Spinosaurus: Double Defence Power, 46-piece play figure set with numbered packaging as well as instructions for assembly: 1 dino, 2 figures, 43 accessories, Material: plastic, L x D x H Spinosaurus with armour: Approx 19 x 35 x 18 cm, Weight: 402 g, 70625
  • Ages 5+

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