Playmobil 9387 Ghostbusters Zeddemore with Aqua Scooter


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There are paranormal phenomena in the children's room again. A creepy ghost octopus is up to no good. In this case, ghost hunter Winston Zeddemore with his Aqua Scooter is the ideal choice. Immediately he darts off to lure the eerie creature into the ghost trap. Winston is attacking, but the octopus simply changes colour and disappears. A ghostbuster can't be tricked that easily. With the help of the PKE meter, the water creature is quickly tracked down and in the blink of an eye is transported into the ghost trap. Magic colour change: The octopus changes colour when the water temperature is 33 degrees or more. If it cools down again, the colour changes back again. The playset accurately depicts The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series and offers besides Ghostbusters character Winston Zeddemore, numerous original Ghostbusters accessories and a floating Aqua Scooter, which can be upgraded with an underwater motor (7350 sold separately).

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