Playmobil 9388 Ghostbusters Stantz with Skybike


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Scary phenomena are happening again in the nursery. It's fortunate that Ghostbuster Dr. Raymond Stantz can hunt ghosts high up in the air with his Flybike. With his Flybike, the Ecto-Goggles, PKE-Meter and proton emitter he is unbeatable. Today he has to fight a particularly mean ghost. The spooky fellow even throws an eyeball at him. But that's no problem for Ray, he cleverly avoids the eyeball and shoots back his special projectiles. Score. The ghost stumbles and immediately the ghost hunter throws out the ghost trap. This spook is quickly put to an end. Paranormal game fun: The playset accurately represents the cartoon series The Real Ghostbusters and offers beside Ghostbusters character Raymond Stantz, numerous original Ghostbusters accessories and a Flybike with four functional projectiles.

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